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Why Are You Here?

Do you have enough time to work  on your business or are too busy working in your business?

Do you need a winning system in place to keep growing year after year?

Do you need a strategic plan to get to your end destination, and do you even know what that looks like?

Why We Do It

Helping companies to grow is a passion of mine. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love business! 

For the past 3 years I have been working with Entrepreneurs to create strategies for their business growth. 

You can be the best at what you do, have the prettiest logo or the coolest website. But this is business, and strategies, processes, and metrics are foundational. Without a strong foundation the business growth will not be sustainable. 

Here is how I do it:

  • Look at the core of the business with the owners or principles
  • Uncover what isn't working
  • Develop a plan for each segment of the business that needs improvment
  • Determine what change is required and what that looks like 
  • Implementation 
  • Accountability

Be proactive about your business and know where you are going and how long it is going to take you to reach the goal. 

Industry Experience

My previous background is in Preventative Maintenance HVAC Sales. I worked 10 years in the business, for two large reputable Canadian owned, privately operated corporations. 

Naylor BPG 

Black & McDonald 

 I have had phenomenal success selling value. 

 The secret sauce is in the preparation and the discovery conversation. In the first meeting with your client is where the sale occurs. Uncovering all the problems and demonstrating how you intend to solve each problem is the key. Others refer to this as finding the gaps. 

 2009 Outstanding Performance Award for Top Sales

2011 SeCorp BOSS Attendee

2012 BOSS Attendee

2014 Exceptional Sales Performance Award

2015 Exceptional Sales Performance Award

2015 Business Process Standardization Committee

2016 BOSS Attendee and Leadership Committee Participant

2016 Promotion to Sales Manager 

2017 H.U.B Inc Durham Director

Previous Employers


How We Can Help

Sales Process Assessment

  • deep dive into your current situation
  • determine the cause 
  • develop a strategic plan for successful growth 
  • demonstrate proven net benefits and timelines within growth

Aid in Hiring Process

  • review and make suggestions to current job description based on personality profile you want to attract to your buiness
  • interview with HR, Management, Etc. 
  • develop decision making criteria for each job description
  • bring in partnered HR consultant if required

Sales Training

  • teach consultative selling process for proactive sales 
  • streamline onboarding for new business development  representatives
  • develop duplicatable and  transferable sales skills 
  • ensure your company brand and reputation
  •  increase closing rates
  • maintain customer base in addition to growing it

Create Sales Processes

  • streamline the sales process from prospect to customer
  • standardize your  sales system 
  • capture metrics and utilize the data for growth and prove the value of sales consulting
  • strengthen communication between sales and operations
  • strategic business planning 

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